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A Simple Solution to Employee Time and Attendance Problem In Textile Mills

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Labor intensive industries such as the textile industry, require the presence of a complete workforce on the production floor in order for production to proceed smoothly. Many methods of employee monitoring and attendance tracking systems such as card punch systems and biometric systems are in use. However, there are many drawbacks to each solution including but not limited to cost, fraud and complexity. In order to overcome these and other limitations of existing systems, Infinal Technologies USA-Pakistan has created a smartphone based employee monitoring system called The Punctuality Manager. The software/hardware design and methodologies of the App called The Punctuality Manager (TPM) App is patent pending and has been created to address the problem of tracking and monitoring employee attendance with limited human interaction.

Legacy systems of attendance and presence monitoring have multiple drawbacks. Paper based systems are subject to favoritism, have the potential for fraud and are subject to human error. Due to these and other limitations paper based systems have slowly lost favor among employers.

Compared to paper based systems, card punch readers have fewer issues but are also being slowly phased out due to ease of proxy punching and manual tedious calculation required at each pay cycle.

Biometric systems are currently the most modern method of employee attendance tracking and are based on biometric characteristics unique to each human being such as fingerprints and retina scans. Such systems are expensive to install and maintain. Another disadvantage of biometrics is time lost in queues at peak hours when employees have to wait their turn to scan in.

Biometrics are subject to vandalism and can also be hacked in many ways and such systems can only track the attendance of an employee but not the availability of the employee throughout the day.

Infinal Technologies has developed a novel method of calculating work times and monitoring employee presence via The Punctuality Manager (TPM) app.

TPM is available on Google Play and will soon be available on the App Store.

The TPM app has three components:
• Named Presence Detectors (PDs)
• A Smartphone App
• A Cloud server

The way the app works is that multiple PDs are setup and are networked in an array via Wifi. The TPM app on an employee smartphone interfaces with the PDs and the tracking begins. When app-installed phones enter the range of a PD, a handshake occurs between the phone and the PD and the event is recorded in the cloud. Henceforth employees are ‘tethered’ to the cloud and an employee leaving is warned and recorded when they leave the proximity of an active PD. This way, the ‘signature’ of an employee’s day can also be retrieved from the cloud so management can not only track the attendance of an employee but also his/her movements in the factory.

Real time graphical reports are available for management to keep track of employee punctuality and availability by the department and by the supervisor or physical location using a central console.

Since an employee can only sign in from one phone, the employee must be in possession of the phone and within range of a presence detector in order to be marked present. Also, an employee can be texted or prompted for a biometric scan using the smartphone biometrics scanner (such as a fingerprint) to verify his identity.

With monitoring and attendance tracking automated, there is no possibility for errors such as those found in the paper based system. This system easily integrates with existing payroll or any ERP solution.

These solutions are cost effective in many ways. Savings are seen in the cost of Biometric Readers, installation, cabling and ease of creating a new ‘Time-office’.

shows how employees can be texted from within the app
Shows how employees can be texted from within the app


shows how management can seamlessly connect with employees at all times
Shows how management can seamlessly connect with employees at all times

Presence Detectors are wrist watch sized and plug in wall outlets with zero installation time. Hundreds of employees can enter the gate at the same time and their data will be in the clouds in seconds. Employees waiting in queues becomes a thing of past.

Shows the track of an individual employee
Shows the track of an individual employee


For traveling employees who need to claim miles and per-diem etc. TET or “The Employee Tracker App” comes handy. It tracks them on a MAP and calculates miles, locations traveled and timings that can be retrieved by HR anytime from clouds to verify claims.



shows the track of two employees on a map
Shows the track of two employees on a map

Smart phones based technologies for tracking and managing employee location and attendance are slowly gaining favor in the industry and will soon be the de-facto method of attendance and location tracking.


Shows the side drawer of TET Admin app
Shows the side drawer of TET Admin app


Don’t miss out on this exciting new opportunity as we at Infinal Technologies are excited to bring these solutions to you.


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